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Noah Daigle

"I want to send a very heartfelt thank you to Brittany and all the people who donate to The Maddox J. Almeida Foundation who are helping families that are fighting cancer. It has been a 3 yr battle with our son Noah fighting neuroblastoma. If it wasn’t for these foundations we would not be in the place we are today. Families are forced to change there lives in an instant when these kids are diagnosed and with the help and support of foundations like yours we can manage to stay afloat and breathe a little easier. We are blessed and grateful to have met some truly amazing people throughout this journey. I can’t wait for the day when we can give back in a big way to help all these families in this fight! I am thankful every day that Noah is still doing good even though he is still in treatment. Every decision we have made has been tough but in the end we are happy with our choices because he has had a good quality of life in between it all. We have learned to never take anything for granted not even a second.. we appreciate each day, each moment as much as we can in our busy schedules! Thank you so much for putting big smiles on our kids faces with the awesome gifts you sent and also for helping us out in a very generous way! We are truly grateful, I wish none of us had to be in this situation but thank god for the angels here on earth to guide us through it all!! God bless you all and all these kids in this fight, stay strong!!"

-- Sarah Ames Daigle (mother of Noah Daigle)
    July 25, 2022

Noah Daigle.Neuroblastoma.jpg

Zoe Davis

After the 2022 1st Annual Maddox J. Almeida Foundation Event ....

"Last night my family attended The Maddox J. Almeida Foundation first fundraiser dinner. I am still speechless. The amount of love that was showed to us is always so beautiful to see. We seriously couldn’t thank you enough and so beyond grateful for you all. My daughters had the best time."

-- Ree Smith (mother of Zoe Davis)
    April 24, 2022

Ree Smith addresses attendees, during the 2023 Unleash the Power of Support Annual Fundraising Event, to provide an update on Zoe's condition and the support received from the Maddox J. Almeida Foundation.

-- March 25, 2023

Finn Paradis

After the 2022 1st Annual Maddox J. Almeida Foundation Event ....

"Today our family was yet again blessed with a wonderful evening but also a generous donation from The Maddox J. Almeida Foundation. Finn is extremely lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing community, but also a group of family and friends. I would’ve never guessed in high school that almost 20 years later we would all be together again celebrating an amazing boys life and amazing little hero’s in a way we all wish we weren’t. Yet we are, and doing it all with such strength, courage, and love. Again, Maddox was placing dots and us here below were just connecting them together. Finn wasn’t able to attend the event because he’s been dealing with ear infections and pneumonia, but we arrived home to a CVS bag on our front porch with 2 T-Rex Dino’s inside from a stranger. To me, this was Maddox saying, “hey Finn, I know you missed it but here’s a little extra something special for you”. To the Hilario and Almeida families we appreciate you and as always, you put on a beautiful event. Thank you to all the guests, sponsors, and volunteers. Your kindness makes all the difference to us families. Keep looking out for Finny boy Maddox and we will continue to fight and advocate for you and our tiniest warriors."

-- Sharon Marie (mother of Finn Paradis)
    April 23, 2022

Fin Paridis.jpg

Sophia Viveiros 

Pat Oliveira addresses attendees, during the 2023 Unleash the Power of Support Annual Fundraising Event, to provide an update on Sophia's condition and the support received from the Maddox J. Almeida Foundation.

-- March 25, 2023


Pat Oliveira accepts donation for Sophia Viveiros at the 2022 Annual Fundraiser. 

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